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Uncovering Mysterious Sites, Symbols, and Societies

The doors of some of the world's best-hidden places and most secretive organizations have now been thrown wide open! Some of the names are familiar: Area 51, Yale's Skull and Bones, Opus Dei, the Esalen Institute. Others are more obscure, hidden by fate or purposeful deception, such as the Mount Weather Emergency Operations Center, the super-secure facility where Vice President Dick Cheney was secreted after the 9/11 attacks, and Germany's Wewelsburg Castle, which was intended to become the mythological centerpiece of the Nazi Regime. Readers can take an unprecedented look deep inside the off-the-map military installations and shadowy organizations that operate in the murkiest corners of our world.

About Curated Secrets

Deep secrets and secluded private enclaves can be fascinating and intoxicating, even when they are largely fictitious. Yet even now there are still dozens of genuine hidden sanctuaries around the world awaiting discovery–some bizarre, others inspiring, and a few that are actually quite sinister. Some of them can be visited, or at least gate-crashed.

For those ready to go on a journey to real places, this blog will provide a fresh and distinctly un-kooky take on the ongoing search for hidden knowledge, mysterious places, and revelations of long-held secrets.

One might question whether there’s really much left to probe: after all, in recent years, deeply unsettling Cold War plans have come to light, the Third Secret of Fatima has been revealed, and Skull and Bones members have spilled the beans. In fact, this blog (and its associated book) will also shed new light on some of these private worlds involving intelligence gathering, religion, and elite organizations, but its unique edge will be in providing entree to places still almost unknown to all but the most inquisitive: from Germany’s chilling Wewelsburg Castle (designed as the “Nazi Vatican” and now a pilgrimage site of a dangerous kind) to the luminous but rarely seen Sancta Sanctorum in Rome.

To this effort we hope to bring the right balance of skepticism, infectious enthusiasm, and an openness to authentic mystery.


Andrew Cusack

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