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March 4, 2012

The Hellenic motto in club, society and fraternity lore

As amateurs of heraldry know, here’s something about putting words into Greek, Latin or French that renders them, well, somehow more interesting or inspiring than something in the usual vernacular. Societies, clubs and fraternities of all kinds have been doing this for centuries.

Can anyone identify where the following openly-used mottoes come from, translated into English from their club, fraternity or other society arms or symbol?

“The cause is hidden, the results well known”

“Friends from the heart, forever”

“One man is no man”

“Friendship, the sweetest influence”

“Equal to the stars in endurance”

“Upon us has fallen a great friendship”

“We shall grow old together”

Bonus points:

“While we live, let us live”

“I go on forever”

– Stephen Klimczuk

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Posted by Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries | March 4, 2012 | Posted in Deep background


  1. Ed on 20 January 2013 — 4:45 am

    Did anyone identify “I can go on forever”? I found a coat of arms with that motto and would like to identfy the coat of arms.

  2. Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries on 20 January 2013 — 2:42 pm

    Yes — it is the motto of the Brook Club in New York (“I go on forever”).

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