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February 25, 2012

In historic St Andrews, a club falls — but a fraternity rises?

600 year-old St Andrews University is a place with rich tradition to go with its academic excellence and Anglo-Scottish international flair. However, in recent days, it has become a place of Clubland intrigue: it appears the venerable all-male Kate Kennedy Club will now split into two entities: an official university-recognized coed Kate Kennedy Fellowship and a continuing gentlemen’s Kate Kennedy Club as a purely private body. Ah, but who gets control of the important Kate Kennedy Trust?

St Andrews (along with Oxford) is already the site where Zeta Psi Fraternity of North America has established a chapter, and Delta Kappa Epsilon Fraternity is rumored to be considering similar beachhead plans. Will masculine camaraderie live on in this fabled university town, but under different auspices? Then again, perhaps the style of Germany’s and Central Europe’s “corps” (not all duel, by the way) might suit St Andreans well, eyeglass (er, monocle), cap, sash and all?

(With reporting from St Andrews’ parent Stephen Klimczuk)

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Posted by Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries | February 25, 2012 | Posted in Deep background


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