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January 26, 2012

Liberty, Equality, Fraternity?

How about the fourth alternative offered?
– Stephen Klimczuk

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Posted by Secret Places, Hidden Sanctuaries | January 26, 2012 | Posted in Deep background


  1. John Emerson on 26 February 2012 — 8:43 am

    Death, of culture and ultimately of persons, is what inevitably results when one madly seeks to achieve the other three, all together and all at once.
    Liberty and Equality are in any case mutually exclusive terms.

  2. Adu Jehoshaphat on 13 October 2012 — 10:01 pm

    Well, i deeply think in everyone’s life, these three things are mostly his’ or her’s expectation in other words, his demand. Namely; liberty, equality and fraternity!

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